The BSPC is a completely volunteer run organization, and there are always opportunities for members to help out.

Volunteer opportunities currently include:

  • Front Desk – Working the front desk during parties and events, taking payments, and helping new attendees sign up for memberships.
  • Dungeon Monitor – Working in the back during parties to ensure guest safety & adherence to BSPC policies.
  • Event Coordinator – Planning and running an event at the BSPC.
  • Miscellaneous Other – Other opportunities arise on a regular basis for things like outreach (think Fet Night @ Rumors, Bellingham Pride etc.), beautification and cleaning work, and other random tasks.

In order to become a volunteer at the BSPC you must be a member in good standing for at least 3 months. To volunteer during parties and events, you should complete two shadow shifts at events run by two different hosts. If you are interested in current volunteer opportunities, please email us at volunteer.bellinghamspc@gmail.com!