BSPC Service Animal Agreement

This is the BSPC’s policy on service animals. If you plan to have a service animal attend an event at the BSPC with you, please review this policy.  Click here for a printable copy of this form, which must be signed and submitted for any event with a service animal attending.

  • Animals must be in good health, be licensed in accordance with county regulations, and wear a vaccination tag appropriate for that type of animal.
  • Handlers should 1) always carry equipment and bags sufficient to clean up the animal’s feces, and 2) properly dispose of the feces. Individuals who physically cannot clean up after the animal may be asked to make arrangements for another to provide that service.
  • Animals must be on a leash and the owner must be in full control of the animal at all times.
  • Reasonable behavior is expected from service animals while in and around the BSPC. If a service animal, for example, exhibits unacceptable behavior, the owner is expected to employ the proper training techniques to correct the situation.
  • Owners of disruptive and aggressive service animals may be asked to remove them from the premises. IF the improper behavior happens repeatedly, the owner may be told not to bring the service animal into the building.
  •  Consideration of others must be taken into account when providing maintenance and hygiene of a service animal. For instance, regular grooming and baths to keep dog odor to a minimum and adequate preventative measures for flea and tick control. Handlers should also be considerate of people with allergies and maintain an acceptable distance from anyone who informs them of an allergy. Animals are not allowed on any furniture at any time.

By printing and signing the service animal agreement, you certify that you have read, fully understand, and agree to all of the above paragraphs. You understand that you may be asked to leave or to remove your service animal from the premises for failure to abide by these conditions.