BSPC Consent Form

A signed consent form is required for admittance to BSPC events. Once on file, consent forms are valid for one year from the date signed.  Please read over each item carefully. If you have any questions about this form, please contact us! If you would like to print and complete the form prior to attending an event, your check-in will be expedited. Please fill out only the front side of the form, must be printed double sided.  Click here for a printable copy.

Bellingham Sex Positive Center Consent Form
Please read each item, initial each line, sign and date at the bottom of the form. Please submit with valid legal identification to BSPC staff.

_____ I am an adult at least 18 years of age, and understand valid photo ID showing birth date is required in order gain admittance and remain on the premise

_____ I have read the BSPC GUIDELINES FOR APPROPRIATE CONDUCT and agree to abide by those rules.

_____ I have read the BSPC CONSENT POLICY and agree not to touch another person in a sexual or sensual manner without their express consent.

_____ I have read the BSPC DIVERSITY & TOLERANCE policy and agree to refrain from any comments or behavior that could be interpreted as intolerant.

_____ I have read the BSPC PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY policy and agree not to “out” any person without their consent.

_____ I understand that I may be asked to leave the premises for failure to abide by these rules and agreements.

_____ I understand that failure to abide by these rules and agreements may result in loss of membership.

_____ I am aware of the nature of these events. I am not offended by the nature of this organization, I am attending of my own free will and for my own personal interest, and I understand that I am free to leave at any time.

_____ I agree that all activities I engage in on the premises or at other events will be done with the full and informed consent of all persons involved.

_____ I understand that I attend these events at my own risk, and that the organizers of these events and the owners of the premises are in no way responsible or liable for any damage or injury to my property or person. I understand there will be equipment and supplies available for my use, and I use any such equipment and supplies entirely at my own risk.

_____ I agree that in the event of any lawsuit, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney’s fees.

_____ I am not acting in the capacity of, as a member of, or under the direction of, any media, law enforcement or postal agency. I am not attending any of these events for the purpose of entrapment or to gather information and/or testimony that would lead to (or further) the arrest, prosecution or defamation of the organizers of these events, the owners of the premises, or any individual attending these events.

_____ I agree to sign a Service Animal agreement each time I bring a service animal to an event.

_____ I understand that The Bellingham Sex Positive Center reserves the right to modify this agreement as deemed necessary. Any substantive changes will be announced and posted in plain sight on the premises. I understand that I may not receive personal communication with regard to these changes.

_____ I understand that The Bellingham Sex Positive Center reserves the right to refuse service or terminate membership at any time. I understand that I will be notified of a termination of my membership via email or personal contact and that my Membership dues are not refundable.

By signing below, I certify that I have read, fully understand and agree to all the paragraphs above, as well as the documents referred to in this agreement.

Our Privacy Statement

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this form. We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us. We will not share, sell or rent this information to anyone without your express consent.


We take precautions to protect your information. Only employees and volunteers who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service) are granted access to personally identifiable information.