Have a Taste Pass

What is the Have a Taste Pass?

The Have a Taste Pass is not a tangible object, it’s your pass for one party prior to purchasing a membership. When the friendly folks at the door ask for your membership card, just say, “I’m using the Have a Taste Pass”.

How much does it cost? 

For most of our parties, the member entry fee is $20, so that’s what you’ll pay when you use your Have a Taste Pass.  The Have a Taste Pass is essentially a one-day membership. We hope that you come in, check us out, and think, “Wow, that was awesome! I want to come back! I want to support this organization!” And we hope that when you do come back, you buy a membership. You can get a membership for $60/year or $25/quarterly.

Why do we have the Have a Taste Pass, and how come it can only be used once?

The Bellingham Sex Positive Center is organized as a 501c7 Social Club. There are many requirements to this exemption status, but the bits that limit our parties to members-only are:

  • “No more than 15 percent of gross receipts may be derived from nonmember use of club facilities and services.”
  • “The club must be supported by membership fees, dues, and assessments.”
  • “The club may not hold itself out as providing goods and services to the general public.”

In short, there are guidelines around our non-profit status that say we can’t just throw open the doors and let everyone in. But we want everyone to join us…so, we created the Have a Taste Pass! We want the BSPC to be as accessible as possible while still meeting the guidelines we’re required to meet.

If you are a member of CSPC, MVK, Indigeo, or Kitsap ACES–you don’t need to use the Have a Taste Pass! BSPC has membership reciprocity with those organizations!!