Workshops & Classes

At the BSPC, we strive to bring education to our community. We are committed to hosting at least one educational event each month on a variety of topics. Upcoming workshops and classes can be found on our event calendar, and below you’ll find a sampling of some of the education events the BSPC has held in the past.  For information about the presenters, visit our Educator Profiles page. If there is a particular topic you’d love to learn about, or a class you’d like to see repeated, please let us know!


General Classes


The Beast Within

Presented October 2016 by Rowan & Louise VanDuuren

If you strip off the leather and lingerie and put the toys aside, what is left? This workshop leaves technique behind and focuses on the bare player. Several times as a presenter, we have admitted to walking close to the edge and having overwhelming “darker desires”. We have said things like “I could have killed her with my knife and we would have both been happy”. Often people have asked us afterwards about how we deal with that beast inside. WHEN IS IT ALLOWED OUT? HOW IS IT ALLOWED OUT? How do I keep it in check? How do bottoms keep it in check? How do bottoms pull their Top back in real life if necessary? In this workshop we will have a look at all that and more. The intention for this workshop is to have an honest conversation and learn from each other.


The Intimate Dance of Protocols and Rituals

Presented August 2017 by Silverleather & slave shayna

A well-established dynamic can sometimes look like a well-choreographed dance between two or more people, but what does it take to get to the place in a dynamic where the energy between those involved in a power exchange seem to flow and ebb with little effort? In this workshop, Silverleather and slave shayna will discuss how establishing protocols and rituals at any level can help a power exchange build on the strengths and individuality of those involved.


The Edge of Madness: Fear & Terror Play

Presented November 2016 by River Dark

Fear and terror play sound exciting, but when we talk about playing on the edge, what does that really mean? When is terror play the same as edge play and when is it a different animal altogether? Play that proves most difficult for the bottom, that brings up the most fear, or is the most dangerous and unsafe, can be both terror play and edge play. Alternatively, terror play can be the safest and most controlled type of play a top can create. Playing with phobias, playing with the dangerous, creating the illusion of danger, and tapping into the emotionally dangerous – all center on fear. This workshop explores how to negotiate terror play while still keeping the scene a surprise; some of the physical and psychological dangers of terror play; and specific ideas for scenes of terror, both physical and psychological. We will also go into what to do when things go wrong. This class runs 3 hours, and will consist of lecture with demonstration.


Finding Your Sexy: How to Give a Lapdance

Presented October 2016 by IvySinclair

Did you ever wonder what cards the exotic dancer holds? Why are they so powerful? What is it that makes you want them? This class covers the art of seduction, how to find your sexy, and how to leverage that while giving a lap dance. You will learn specific poses and moves that look good on every body and you will have the space to discover what works for you and your exotic dancer personality.


Cigar Workshop

Presented March 2016 by PandaLTA

The class will touch on cigar construction, sizes and shapes, proper cutting and lighting of a cigar. It will cover proper care and maintenance of a humidor as well as mold vs bloom on a cigar. Our instructor will cover identifying a true Cuban Cigar. The workshop will be filled with a great variety of trivia and fun facts about Cigars. And finally – aspects of cigar play will also be touched on.


Bootblacking Basics & Beyond

Presented December 2015 by -Tris- and Glorious

You are just curious what that person is doing “down there” to your leathergear. What items do I need? What is okay when I’m sitting on a bootblacks chair? It’s all SO confusing!  We’ll go through the basics of different types of leather and a quick overview on how to care for it. We will address the theory of “you need #allthethings”. We will discuss what to do if you don’t know what to do.  We’ll do a super hot bootlicking, no – bootblacking scene and cross into the areas of etiquette and how to handle clientele – differing between bootblacking as a service and just a really hot scene.  This will be a 2 hour workshop from 6pm to 8pm followed by the quarterly Cigars, Boots, and Chocolate play party from 8pm to 1am. For more information please contact with questions.



Impact Play


Staring Into the Face of Thunder: Full Frontal Single-Tailing

Presented August 2016 by Panderus

Single tails are intense; they are more intense (and terrifying) when you are single tailing the front side of your bottom. Not only do you have access to sensitive body parts, you have a higher fear factor. Looking at a whip coming towards you is much more frightening than simply hearing it from behind you.

This workshop looks at how you can single tail your bottom on their front effectively and “safely.” Discover how you can immobilize your bottom to ensure maximum exposure. Use predicament bondage to heighten your bottoms experience. Learn how to use different types of throws for different sensations and t. Find about how to target genitalia and breasts, and learn other (and surprising body parts) that can also be targeted. Most importantly, learn how to prevent something going wrong, and what to do if it does.


Whips Intensive with DaddyCrone

Presented May 2016, July 2017

Experience Passion, Joy, Fear and Healing.

Everyone knows a whip when they hear one. Some people, are terrified by them. Others get a little excited. This class is designed for both extremes and everything in between.

We will discuss and demonstrate techniques, style, safety and above all connecting with your partner. It is intended to be more of a guided exchange of energy. A journey through the pleasure and pain that is so unique to the whip.

Come learn the dance and flow that is possible. Learn to create more depth/connection and tap into your passion. Whether a Top or bottom, this starts with a willingness to be present. We will be guiding those who wish to throw the whip plus assisting bottoms work through their resistance to receiving the whip, creating an opportunity to reshape negative experiences into a re-opening/positive experience and connection to your passion.

This intensive, will leave you with solid skills, power exchange energy awareness, and an undying love for the whip. Although this class is participation based, the dance is mesmerizing to watch and an altering experience for everyone. It is so much more than technique.

Participation will be welcomed and encouraged. If you own whips, bring them. I will also have Whips by Axel available for use and purchase. Let’s Dance!


Why So Serious & S/M 101: How to Fuck up a Body without Fucking up a Body

Presented May 2016 by Polar

‘F.U.C.K ’em or Why So Serious!?

Boring and lifeless play…who the hell has time for that! Let’s put on the ol’ thinking toque and explore making play FUN again. Explore how energy, imagination and sometimes downright goofiness can lead to some of the best scenes.

With a few, 2-3, of your favorite toys in tow bring a loved one, friend, heck bring a stranger to this hands on out of your seat workshop and learn how to put the zest and fun into play.

S/m 101: or How to fuck up a body without fucking up a body!

To beat or to get beaten that is question…right?Sadomasochism is a beautiful multi spectrum way of expressing desires. From bare handed over the knee spanking to whips to floggers and then some really messed up and insanely fun stuff.

If you are new to all of this wackiness (pun intended) or just want a bit of a refresher bring yourself and your questions along to this workshop.


Working on Your Swing 

Presented December 2015 by Roughinamorato

When we think of rough body play, we often think of punching, kicking, and other hard, deep impact play. But what about the stingy side? By simply opening the fist we can make the hand do the work of a paddle, a singletail, a flogger, a dragon’s tongue, and more.

Come to this class to learn some wonderful techniques for slapping, backhanding, spanking, and other styles to broaden and vary the types of sensation available in rough body play… and some deliciously evil ways to drive those hits home beyond the moment of impact.

We’ll talk about safety, as always: where you can hit, and where you should stay away from, why there are places where you can hit open handed that you can’t closed, and how to control bruising (less? or more)? We’ll talk about techniques, pacing, judging a bottom’s head space, and some unexpected things to watch out for. We’ll look at how you can keep having fun without overstimulating a bottom and ending a scene prematurely, and how you can amp it up for the sub who “can take it all.” We’ll also look at some techniques to vary the bottom’s experience, and to help the Top’s hands last longer.


Rods by Rane

Presented November 2014

What’s so special about acrylic rods? Many people mistakenly turn their noses up at one of these smooth beauties because they’re not natural like willow, bamboo or rattan. They’re acrylic, they’re man-made, they’re (gasp) plastic! Well, guess what? Plastic is fun! And once in your hands you will feel the power behind each one, no matter which end of the rod you’re on.

In this presentation you’ll learn the beauty of acrylic and why they’ve become my passion. I’ll explain their uses, their advantages and their disadvantages. You’ll learn why their durability, their shape, size and their non-porous nature, make them the ideal implement for everything from harsh to light play, and from stingy to thuddy sensations. How many things can you say that about? And let’s not forget all the pretty ‘Ranebow’ colors. Acrylic rods are sexy.

So come learn how to put some color in those cheeks. You’ll be glad you did.




Cock Sucking & Face Fucking: Getting the Most out of your Member

Presented November 2016 by River Dark

A dyke cock is as real as any other cock – just real in a different way. Getting your cock sucked, or fucking someone’s face, is enough to make many women come. For those who love to suck cock, or who crave submitting to their mouth being fucked, the pleasure can be just as intense.

This workshop covers cock sucking to maximize the tops pleasure while minimizing the bottom’s discomfort, as well as how to survive getting your face fucked. Techniques and toys that the top can use to maximize a bottoms ability to take their cock will be covered, including techniques for deep throating. Whether you are a cock connoisseur with a silicone member to match every occasion, the proud owner of a single bio cock, or a combination of both, this workshop has something for you! Bring a cock and/or a sucker, (and a towel) for the hands on…er…mouth on component! Or just bring your cock for show and tell, and some classroom pointers and practice. Bio cocks welcome. This class runs 90 minutes, and includes lecture, demonstration, facilitated discussion, and practice!


How to Get Freaky Without Being Creepy

Presented September 2016 by Charlie Glickman

Exploring your sexual desires and fantasies can be amazingly fun, with lots of opportunities to create hot, sexy times with someone new or a familiar lover. But there are also lots of ways things can go wrong, especially when alcohol or the altered state of arousal kicks in. It’s easy to go further than you or your partner(s) want, which can cause some serious backlash.

These are important skills that people of any gender need when navigating sexual situations. The challenge is in navigating consent, boundaries, and touch without letting it kill the mood. When you can tune into your own desires, pay attention to those of your partner, and get to the overlap of everyone’s “oh, yes,” that’s when you get the reward of amazing sex.

Somatic sex coach Charlie Glickman will lead you through a series of fully-clothed non-sexual exercises to help you discover some easy ways to share your desires with your partner in ways that make it more likely that you’ll get what you want. You’ll learn:

How to tune into your desire more fully so you can share it with a partner
Tools for letting your partner know that you value and honor their pleasure and consent
How to offer and receive an effective invitation for touch, sex, or anything else (including non-sexual stuff)
How to request feedback so you can make sure you’re both having a great time.
What you can do to keep things in the “oh, yes” zone and what to do when missteps happen

Come find out what you can do to make your sexy times hotter, juicier, and more passionate! These tools will work for any sexual activity, including BDSM and kink, and can be used by people of all genders and sexual orientations. You’re welcome to come with a partner, a friend, or solo.


Pleasuring the Kitty

Presented September 2016 by Charlie Glickman

Your hands hold the key to being an amazing lover. It’s all about knowing the map to your partner’s hot spots, tracking arousal, and giving the right kind of touch. Erotic massage can be a warm-up before intercourse, or it can be the main attraction. And whether you want to focus on the G-spot and vaginal play or keep your attention on the clitoris and vulva, there’s a lot you can do to make your partner purr.

When you know how to use your hands, you can create powerful connection, incredible pleasure, and deep intimacy. Pleasure expert Charlie Glickman will show you how to make that happen. You’ll learn:

Plenty of massage moves that will heat things up and keep them hot
How to track your partner’s arousal so you can create waves of pleasure
Valuable anatomy tips to make sure you know where everything is
Ways to overcome some of the common problems that can derail your ride
Tips for discovering your partner’s unique erogenous zones
How to combine clitoral and G-spot play to create even more excitement

This workshop will include a live demonstration so you can see how it all comes together. Whatever your experience, Charlie has lots of incredible tips and techniques to share with you.
People of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship configurations are welcome. 18+ only.


Unlocking the Secrets of Sexual Desire: Medical Insights to Live More Passionately

Presented July 2016 by Dr. Brenden Witte

Have you ever wondered where your sexual desire comes from? Maybe you have been curious about why it waxes and wanes? With wit, humor and non-judgment, Dr. Witte tackles the sensitive subject of libido, or sexual interest and desire. Libido is a multifactorial experience culminating from a web of physical, emotional, situational, and health factors.

Libido is notoriously difficult to understand. Dr. Witte will provide insight through his clinical experience of working with thousands of patients and many couples in conjunction with a deep understanding of human physiology and hormones to help you better understand yourself and your libido by painting a more complete picture of the elusive subject of libido.

For both the layman and the expert, class participants can expect to learn more about their libido, the factors that affect it, and ways to improve it. Dr. Witte is excited to work with the BSPC to help you live passionately again!


Awesome Anal Sex

Presented February 2016 by Charlie Glickman

Anal sex is one of the most common sexual fantasies and more people are trying it than ever before. The best way to make sure that it’s fun, safe, and pleasurable is to know what you’re doing. Sex and relationship coach Charlie Glickman literally wrote the book and he’s here to make sure that your anal adventures leave you with a smile. Come find out:

– the three key ingredients to amazing anal play
– useful anatomy tips that will maximize your pleasure
– how to avoid common problems and keep things feeling sexy
– massage techniques to build arousal and enhance relaxation
– ways to combine anal stimulation with other kinds of sex
– how to pick the right sex toys for you and your partner
– prostate massage moves that’ll curl your guy’s toes
– tips for anal intercourse and pegging
– valuable safety tips to keep things feeling great

This workshop will include a live demonstration so you can see how it all comes together. Whether you’re totally new to anal play or you’re looking for new ways to make it even more fun, Charlie will make sure you have everything you need to have awesome anal sex! People of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship configurations are welcome.





Issues in Polyamorous Parenting

Presented October 2016 by Dr. Elisabeth Scheff

In this presentation Dr. Sheff explores some of the issues reported by the parents in her 15 year study of polyamorous families, focusing on benefits like emotional, financial, and practical support, shared resources, and greater satisfaction, as well as disadvantages like stigma, drama, emotional pain, and the impacts of loss. Sheff closes with the strategies poly parents used to deal with disadvantages, and the impacts those had on families.


Increasing Intimacy with Nekole Shapiro

Presented September 2016

What do Hot Sex and Good Therapy have in common? Quality attention and attuned awareness. Quality attention and attuned awareness are skills that deserve to be studied and practiced. They can mean the difference between a human-to-human interaction that fills our wells and one that leaves us feeling drained. It can also mean the difference between mediocre and mind blowing sex.

About the Workshop

Join us at the BSPC September 24, 2016 for hours of intimacy with Nekole Shapiro as she supports you to more deeply connect with yourself and others. Exploring Intimacy will direct your attention toward your capacity to be present with yourself and others by using Oxytocin generating exercises and Tantric practices. Come to class prepared to breath, move and release things that may be keeping you from attaining or deepen these skills.

This is a clothed class. Touch will be incorporated into the training. Consent will also be emphasized as a practice before each exercise.


Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro on Sex, Relationship, and Intimacy

Presented July 2015, July 2016

Sex? Intimacy? Relationship? Do you know the difference?

Do you ever find yourself lost and confused about sex, intimacy and relationship? Do you ever wonder about a relationship after you have had sex with someone? Do you ever find yourself yearning for a deep intimate connection with someone and then find yourself having sex you didn’t really want to have? Do you ever find yourself really wanting to have sex with someone you really do not want to have a long-standing relationship with? Would you like to have more clarity to help you navigate these situations?

Join Allena Gabosch and Nekole Shapiro in a workshop designed to clear up some of the ambiguity around these topics so that you can more joyfully and powerfully engage in the culture of Sex-Positivity.


The Good, The Bad & The Poly with Allena Gabosch

Presented November 2014 by Allena Gabosch

Polyamory is a much misunderstood lifestyle. This will be an open and honest discussion about Polyamory in all its forms, from someone who has done it for 30+ years. Polyamory is an incredible lifestyle, but not always an easy one. It has a lot of rewards, but there are also a lot of pitfalls and potential disasters. Learn Allena’s 20 “Relationship Principles” (great for anyone, poly or mono). Find out tips on making it easier to live within your “polycule”. Come prepared to be part of this dialogue and share your poly experiences.



Edge Play


Body Piercing Intensive: Health and Safety While Breaking Skin and Intro to Play Piercing

Presented April 2016 by Elwood

For April’s Elwood Unleashed workshop participants will begin with a class on health and safety when breaking skin. After a short intermission, participants will enjoy an additional class on play piercing!


Artistic Cutting

Presented November 2014 by Phoenix B

This workshop will cover how to make intricate cuttings even if you have little or no artistic talent. Phoenix will discuss the technical aspects of intricate decorative cutting such as: what are the cross contamination and blood borne pathogen prevention techniques, where to find and create detailed designs, what are the considerations needed when choosing a design, what are the transfer materials and equipment needed and where do you obtain them, what are issues about where the design is placed on the body, how do you “shade”areas to create a complex design, what types of handles and blades are used and where do you obtain them, and what are the tricks of the trade to do intricate cutting. There will be discussion about the health and safety requirements for general cutting/blood play. Participants will also view the video “On The Cutting Edge” which had its debut at the 2010 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, showing cutting techniques. Participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge, experience, and questions around cutting methods and other design ideas.




Rope Classes


Bedroom Bondage for Beginners

Presented June 2017 by Dark Wolf

In this class you will learn how to use rope for simple, safe and effective play. This is a beginner-level class aimed towards individuals who may not have the time or ability to become full on riggers, but would still like to be able to use rope to get their scene just right, or add a little bit of fun in the bedroom. The topics covered will be bedroom bondage for beginners, quick tie downs and fun bedroom play, and making any bed a kinky play bed!


Rope Workshop with DeGiotto

Presented December 2016

The BSPC is happy to welcome Giotto of and for an afternoon of workshops.

We will begin the afternoon with an introduction to rope suspensions, if you can tie a safe and solid single column, you can get a taste of suspension in a safer and supervised environment.

After a short break, we’ll shift gears and have a look at a seemingly harmless item that most everyone has around somewhere. I’m told this is a very intense class!

Rope Suspension Fundamentals

All you need to know is a single column tie and you can turn it into safe harnesses for simple suspensions. Giotto will teach you: how to do easy lifts that are easily adaptable to body size, how to attach and tie off anchor ropes, how to avoid nerve damage, dropping your partner and other safety considerations, making adjustments in mid suspension to increase time in the air, bringing your partner down safely, and how tying for suspension differs from tying for floor work.

Bandanna Play and Bondage- The Back Pocket Play Bag

Giotto will show a variety of uses for bandanas: decoration, restraint, and impact toy including blindfold, gag, cuffs, bra, panties, collar and lead, flogger, and single tail. This class is not for the faint of heart. Bandannas are one of the most vicious toys in Giotto’s bag. This is a hands on class. Giotto has a large collection of bandannas to loan or students can bring their own.

*Hands on
*No prerequisites


Rope Intensive with RevFredRx

Presented October 2016


In the beginning, most of us tend to rush through the building blocks of tying. We tend to jump into the more complicated patterns and ties, before learning how and why to execute the fundamentals correctly. In this class, aimed at all levels, we’ll discuss variants and technicalities of single and double column ties, half and munter hitches, and simple tools such as hojo cuffs. We’ll train ourselves to think critically about the simple parts of complex ties, using these basic elements with intention and deliberation. Ultimately, understanding and mastering these skills will allow a rigger to construct or engineer more complex ties fluidly and safely.

No shirt, no hard point, no problem:

Ever wanted to grapple your bottom down into the mud, twist them and tie them, without worrying about aesthetics or suspension? This class will focus on the flow and potential of floor work rope, and using rope as a tool alongside your hands and body. An understanding of (at least a couple) knots/single column ties/whatever is required, as this class will present methods of integrating rehearsed rope techniques into improvised scenes. The use of rope will be considered alongside the use of body weight and manipulation to contort and control the bottom. The class will emphasis interpersonal connection, and the technique of remaining actively engaged with the bottom.

Hojo-Hishi TK- 3 in 1:

In this class, you’ll learn the basic structure of a fully functional Hojo-inspired TK harness, along with an aesthetically enhanced variation. We’ll cover a harness that leaves the front of the chest fully exposed and accessible for torture and sensual play. We’ll then build through a hishi variation ending in a full diamond pattern, focusing on distributing pressure and maximizing sensation. Throughout the class, we’ll focus on the technical aspects of the tie, particularly those which are useful training for other hojo ties. We’ll also aim to combine a painful application of rope with deliberate and constructive technique, ending with a tortuous and aesthetically pleasing harness.

Semenawa BBQ:

Want to torture someone, but your toy bag has gone missing? Developed over years of trial, Fred_Rx will share his primal methods for inflicting pain and suffering using only rope and body dynamics. Beginning with elements of classic semenewa, we’ll discuss how to enhance connection and effectiveness by using body control. From pressure points, to contortion and torque, to weight exchange, you and your partner’s body will facilitate an array of sensations and agonies. This class will teach a few simple methods for giving pain, and then focus on combining elements to develop scenes tailored to your own abilities and preferences.


Rope Intensive with Tho4ns and Safrika Morgan

Presented July 2016

Beginning on Friday with an overview of Shibari from both the perspectives of the top and the bottom. This will have valuable information for everyone from beginner to advanced. Saturday will build on Fridays lessons with more focus on building from the foundational ties to make them your own. After class on Saturday you have plenty of time to clean up and eat before the play party begins at 9:00. Your full weekend or Saturday classes cover your entry to the play party for both you and your partner. Sunday we will continue our journey and get more focused on some of the details with a class on micro-bondage and various types of partials.


Full Weekend (includes play party on Saturday) $200 early purchase $250 regular
Friday only – $30 ea / $50 pair
Saturday – $150 pair
Sunday – $100 pair

Class will be limited to 8 pairs, purchase early to guarantee a spot.

Supplies needed –

Minimum of 4 hanks of rope 20-30 ft in length (obviously more is better)
We will have rope available for sale at the intensive PM Sriracha_Cock for pricing and availability.
Safety shears (or equivalent)
We’d also suggest a comfortable blanket to lay over the mats.

Light snacks and drinks are available


6:00 – 9:00 pm
Rope Bondage Fundamentals – For Tops and Bottoms (Tho4ns and SarifkaMorgan co-teach)
The aim of the class is to give you the tools you need to develop your own unique style when it comes to rope bondage. The focus will be on constructing the experience of tying your partner, not simply learning a few knots. A class for total beginners; both rope tops as well as bottoms. It will cover the principles of rope bondage, safety considerations, and some fundamentals. We will start off working on the connective aspects of bondage including techniques for bottoms and build on that covering the physical application of rope. We will cover some simple ties that are the building blocks for everything else yet by themselves are still quite functional.
What to bring: minimum one length (2-3 would be better) of rope 20-30ft long

Tie Me Up? – Rope Bottoming for The New and Enthusiastic (Discussion)
This class serves as a launch point for individuals interested in bottoming for rope. What are the different types of rope play? How do you vet a potential tying partner? What types of body awareness are needed, and what are some ways to prepare your body for rope? This class will be primarily discussion based, with a focus on the elements of a successful rope scene negotiation, and reflecting on rope experiences for self-awareness and growth.


11:00 – 1:00
Rope Bondage 201 (Tho4ns)
This class is the follow-up to the Rope Bondage 101 class and will continue to build on the fundamental concepts learned previously. We will cover a number of classic and functional ties including a simple chest harness and beyond. The aim of the class is to give you the tools you need to progress to an intermediate level and will provide the building blocks for more advance ties. As always, the focus will be on constructing the experience of tying your partner, not simply learning a few knots.
Prerequisite : the ability to tie a single/double column tie proficiently
What to bring: minimum THREE length (4-5 would be better) of rope 20-30ft long

1:00 – 2:00
Lunch Break
We can coordinate ordering in, or you can pop out to one of the nearby restaurants or food trucks. Maps and menus will be available

2:00 – 3:30
Nonsensical Floorwork: Connection Without A Plan (Hands On) (SarifkaMorgan)
There are times when nearly everyone gets caught up in what they think a tie should look like at the end of a tying experience. This class is designed to help facilitate the kind of freeform connected groundwork which doesn’t require a plan. Through the exploration of tools like frictions, body manipulation, rope handling, micro-bondage and more, students will find inspiration and develop best practices for static and transitional groundwork.

4:00 – 5:30
Weave pleasure and pain: Floor work to new depths (Tho4ns)
This class will focus on becoming more fine-tuned with your rope bottom and learning how to perfectly balance their pleasure with pain. We will explore both the softer sweeter side of rope and subsequently the darker side which investigates conditions more favorable for endorphin release. Finally we will learn how to weave the two together in just the right proportions to create a beautiful confusion adding a new dimension to your rope scene.
What to bring: minimum one length (2 or 3 would be better) of rope 20-30ft in length


12:00 – 1:30
Finding Completeness: Tying Fingers, Toes and Hair (Hands On) (SarifkaMorgan)
I never realized how incomplete the ties I had been put in felt, until the first time I tied with someone who had an appreciation for microbondage. I still don’t understand why fingers and toes are so often disregarded when tying. There is a unique hyper awareness that invades the body when the tiniest parts are bound. As a bottom, I find completeness in this sense of total and utter binding, and as a rigger I am helpless to stop the draw I have to seek out these little parts and collect them for my personal aesthetic enjoyment. It is my goal to share my passion for microbondage through a variety of techniques for safely tying fingers, toes and hair, as well as measures for varying the intensity of each tie.

1:30 – 2:00 – Lunch provided

2:00 – 3:30
Partials 0-60 (Tho4ns)
This class will explore partial suspensions on a wide variety of levels, ranging from simple single point partials which facilitate impact and shame­play, to more complex ties which incorporate torsion, strain and contortion. Participants of all levels will learn valuable techniques for incorporating hard points into their rope experiences.

4:00 – 5:30
This is your chance to get some one on one feedback from the presenters. Tie at whatever level you are comfortable and they will come around and answer questions or offer feedback, suggestions, etc.


Ranboo with Barkas & Addie

Presented January 2016

In 1932, the well-known artist Itoh Seyu, who is one of the key persons of modern kinbaku, published a book with the title: “BiJin Ranbu”. This means “wild dance of a beautiful woman”. In 2011, Barkas started to develop his personal way of doing ropes, which was very stormy and overwhelming. His Sensei Osada Steve called it ranboo and since then, this way of doing ropes became one of the well-known styles in the world of kinbaku. Within this class, the participants get a first insight into ranboo. Some key terms of ranboo, such as proper distance and proper intensity at the proper moment are the framework to tie in this way.

•Key terms of Ranboo
•How to start a scene
•Madame Butterfly
•Hojo Jutsu (some techniques to catch your partner)
•Application of the principles of Ranboo

Prerequisites: Osada Ryu Advanced or a good knowledge of Rope Bondage


Ren Yagami & Gorgone Masterclass

Presented April 2015

Introduction : Yagami Ren Ryu // Yagami Ren Style

“I don’t have any Love to give. With Shibari I want to create a world of authenticity where lies don’t exist anymore.” Yagami Ren’s style is based upon the idea of “injyou bibaku” which means : “Tying beautifully and intensely in order to reveal the physical and spiritual Eros” It is very important to create a flow (energetical/physical/psychological) while doing Shibari. 
 “When I tie I want to push the limits, I enjoy intensity.”

Classes will run from 1pm-7pm each day.

DAY ONE : “sho-den” // basics techniques

– “Ippon-nawa” exercises : Tying with one rope only and learning how to extract its ultimate efficiency.

This exercise will focus on developing the students consciousness that they don’t have to be “the slave of their ropes”, the rope has to be considered as a (crucial) tool in its simplicity.

5 styles and variations around simplicity : exercises and suggestions to tie when we don’t have enough ropes (using tights, stockings, whatever is available!)

– Concept of “in-baku” : Using ropes for sexual play. The importance of freedom and individual expression/feeling while respecting the safety rules.

– Concept of “Kannuki shibari” : Using ropes for more advanced/specific SM.

DAY TWO : chû-den / chû-kyu waza // intermediate techniques

Evaluation and exercises around the ushiro take kote (TK) and its variations :

  • -Tasuki gake
  • -Yama kake
  • -Eri jime
  • -hotoke jime
  • -hishi jime

Concept to work on : the “tsubo”, or pressure/energy points that we will focus on > variations and different sensations.

Discovering weak points on the body and using them as an element of semenawa. Understand and learn how to “threaten/scare with ropes”.

We will also work on the following techniques and positions :

  • -Agura shibari
  • -kaikyaku shibari
  • -keshi nawa gake
  • -matanawa gake
  • -Ni dan gake / sandan gake

DAY THREE : Kô-den // advanced techniques

Review the Takate kote.

Work on the “matome kata” : final arrangements including hair/fingers/mouth. Studying beauty in the variations.

Exercises on the “feel of semenawa” and the use of every knot and their placement.

  • – Work on complex knots
  • – Understanding sadism and its aesthetic in different body positions
  • – The relationship between Top and bottom : responsibility, safety and SM
  • – Understanding the bottom / What pleases the sadist within the limits to respect / awareness and consciousness

DAY FOUR : Oku-den : Oogi / specific, in depth techniques : “totte oki waza”

In this class about Oku-den we will review the content from the sho-den class with more expertise. Review the techniques, paying closer attention to detail and precision.

This class will focus on each student’s personal style; developing individuality and originality with ropes. The previous three days consisting mostly in the technique, returning to the roots is very important at this point.

  • – The sensuality of the bond : the “in-baku” / using as little ropes as possible / working on efficiency / focusing on sensory play.
  • – Using rope as a “safeguard” : how to embrace, control and ‘tame’ your sadistic side.
  • The class will focus on gauging your own limits and the limits of your bottom.
  • – Uses and movements of the body : physical connection and moves between the rigger and the bottom.
  • Yagami Ren’s spanking technique !
  • – Using the sound (work on imagination and physical sensations)
  • – “The orgasm through ropes” : penetrating your partner’s consciousness with ropes.
  • – In depth lesson on Tori-nawa (Take down techniques) : Learning the specific technique of hojô-jutsu, used in feudal Japan to capture prisoners with ropes. After years of studying Tori-nawa techniques and Aikido, Yagami Ren’s has developed his personal style of hojô-jutsu.
  • Exercices of tori-nawa in movement.

A word from Yagami Ren about the workshop :

  1. – This workshop is not about artistic shibari.
  2. – It is about semenawa and its intensive practice.

What he hopes students will get from the workshop :

  • – Reveal your hidden sadistic nature, maybe not fully embraced before
  • – Discover yourself, both Tops and bottoms, by understanding more deeply your own sensations
  • – Understanding the essence of Kinbaku

Pricing information for the Ren Yagami and Gorgone Masterclass April 16th-19th at the Bellingham Sex Positive Center

*The four day masterclass will be $450 per couple.

$100 non-refundable deposit is due in order to secure your spot in the masterclass on or before February 28, 2015.


Weekend Intensive with J. Loom & Olivia Lyon

Presented September 2017

Content includes:

  • Liv and L00M’s Module System
  • Micro-Bondage
  • L00M’s Broken Tengu
  • Hip Harness Alternatives
  • Floor Work and much more!


Weekend Intensive with Zamil

Presented May 2017


This weekend is for Intermediate – Advanced level students who are comfortable with the basics, and ready to take their rope the next level.

Level: Advanced/Advance-Intermediate Students

You will learn

· What counts as an emergency
· How to handle the different types of emergencies
· Why it is not advisable to use scissors or a knife
· what to do and what not to do in case of emergency,
· how to get your partner quickly and safe back to the ground without cutting rope
· How to add some safety into your suspension from the very beginning


For many of us, rope performance art is the ultimate skillset you can master. There is a huge difference between a scene, a demo and a performance. Each of those have different aspects to think about, a different intensity in preparations and a different skill set that rigger and partner should have to make it a huge success and wonderful experience. Mastering rope performance art means mastering scenes and demos as well.

Nobody likes to see the one trick pony over and over again. If you are or if you want to be on stage and if you want to master scenes and shows as well this class is for you: This class will focus purely on the important aspects of bondage performance art, how to put a show on stage that rocks the audience and boosting your theatrical and show abilities to a new high.

Performances can be looked at from the angles of three main actors: There is the audience you cater for, there is your partner you need to take care of and there is you. Each one has a different role, different needs and different goals. Together we will do a guided tour through the main stages of any performance you like to put on stages worldwide. We will be very hands on, practical and look at performance from the viewpoint of the tree main actors.

We will look at the key concepts of performance art and apply them to rope performances, we will learn about the interactions between audience and performance, the interactions between the rigger and the model, the phases of any performance art, main concepts on how people perceive performances so you can cater for mostly all of them, plan and design a performance, learn rope techniques suitable for performances, utilize drama techniques from theater, learn how to fight stage fright and leave the class with a catalogue of experiences that will boost your understanding, handling and abilities of and in bondage performances.

Whether you intend to perform or not, learning these skills will help you be more intentional and more confident in your rope scenes.