The BSPC holds parties almost every weekend, usually on Saturday night. Regular monthly parties include our Kinksploratorium and The Lowdown, Impact!, and Bound in Bellingham. We also hold at least one pop-up party each month with varying themes. Here are some descriptions of past parties at the BSPC to give you an idea of what we do! If you’ve got ideas or would like to see one of these parties make a comeback, please let us know!



August 2017 – Summer Sendoff

School starts soon, and the days are getting shorter. There may be plenty of warm days left, but before we know it many of us will be back in school and be dealing with fall schedules and activities.  Come celebrate the beginning of the end of summer with all your friends at the BSPC!  BBQ and Potluck, picnic foods preferred.

 August 2017 – New Quarterly Party – Little Beasts  

A party for pets, furries, primals, littles, and more!  Join us every 3 months for this fantastic party to connect with your inner little/beast.

April 2016 – Edge Riders @ The BSPC

Join the Edge Riders for their fantastic quarterly party at the BSPC!  This April, 25% of proceeds will benefit Tiny Tim’s Heart Surgery Recovery Fund.


October 2015 – White Wedding Party

Join Team Fluffy and the Edgeriders in celebrating the impending nuptials of Dravenlore and brittanylove! This is sure to be a fabulous party with great energy and tons of celebration.

September 2015 – School of Hard Knocks Party

School is back in session! It’s time to get enrolled, do your school shopping and come to class at the BSPC.

So many possibilities….are you the Principal, ready to discipline unruly students? The slutty teenager who’s hot for teacher? Is it your first day of school? Dressed in your best with crayons in hand. The school dropout in leather? Maybe your Mommy is dropping you off for Preschool and you don’t want her to leave. Perhaps the stern nun, who might be hiding whorish desires

BSPC School of Hard Knocks is an equal kinky opportunity for students Pre-K to College. Don’t wait to enroll. We’ll have a few door prizes, a costume contest and a spanking slut begging for donations.

August 2015 – Anything Goes Party

Come join your hosts Torrent and Teo for fabulously fun evening of “Anything Goes”. Anything Goes is an open play party with no specific theme. Come and do your best, or worst. Have a laugh or a scream or just hang out and socialize with lots of great kinksters.

July 2015 – BSPC Revue

Do you have a hidden talent or special kink that deserves a stage before an impassioned audience?

If so then WE WANT YOU!

If you missed the last Revue then you missed an impressive array of talent involving sharp things and naughty bits, a blockhead act, the sweet seduction of belly dancers and tap dancers, and a strip tease lyra finale – all acts to keep you gripping the edge of your seat. We accept all talents, kinky or otherwise – contortionists, extreme BDSM exhibitionists, classically trained dancers… we want you all.

Did I mention the crowd nominated winner takes home a cash prize?


May 2015 – Little Beasts Party

Are you ready for night of pets, beasts, primals, furries, handlers, and those that adore them? Do you have a little inside that is jumping up and down wanting to come out and play?

Join us for the BSPC’s first play party for Littles, Pet Players and Ferals/Primal/Monsters. Not a little or pet? Not to worry!! The BSPC is a large play space (approx. 4000sq ft) and Little Beasts is open to all for everything from arts and crafts, to romping, to S/M to straight out sex.

Note: Balloons will not be allowed at Little Beasts, and diapers may be worn but must remain clean at all times.

Raffle: Every person, little, pet, primal, and other that walks through the door will get a raffle ticket. Winners of the Little Beasts Raffle will get to a stuffed animal to love or tear apart, a box of snacks/treats, and a mystery prize! At the end of the night we’ll pull two raffle tickets and announce the winners online the next day.

Arts and Crafts Area!!!

Have the uncontrollable desire to make everything colorful? Take a seat on the floor at the Arts and Crafts corner and let loose! We promise no one will mind if you don’t stay in the lines. The BSPC will be providing a broad range of coloring supplies, but we encourage attendees to bring their own supplies as well. Please note: no paint or glitter is allowed, and all arts and crafts will need to be kept on actual paper. Please remember to be nice to all BSPC furniture and property.

Petting Zoo!

Are you something fuzzy that just wants to be petted, given treats, and played with? Then send BeautyfulFreak a message to sign up and we’ll be happy to post what sort of fuzzy animals we’ll have in the zoo for the littles to pet and feed!

Pet Romping & Primal Mats!

Want to just throw down and get into a pile with some other pets or adventurous littles? Want to throw down and release your inner animal? We’ll make sure to have all the mat space that will be needed for plenty of release and wrestling! BSPC has an abundance of gym mats and we’ll make sure to have a large floor area that is fully covered to allow plenty of romping, playing, wrestling, and piles!

Play & Sex Positive!

Are you a primal/pet who likes to find an interested party to mount and rut? Are you a little who likes it when your adult takes advantage of you in naughty ways? Are you someone who is neither a little, pet player, primal, or associated adult, or handler? BSPC is big enough for all, and much like many other events, Tiny Terrors is a Play and Sex Positive event. Please feel free to use the space as much as possible, play how you want to, fuck how you want to. Respect the space, respect the event rules, respect your fellow event attendees, and be yourself.

November 2014 – Kinky Karnival!

We’re having a Kinky Karnival at the BSPC! Come join in the many fun (and slightly twisted) activities, including:

  • Henna
  • Clothing Optional Twister
  • Photo Booth
  • Human Pinata
  • Bobbing for Cocks
  • Sausage on a String
  • Frozen T-Shirt Contest
  • BSPC’s Version of Balloon Pop

We will have items to raffle from and other local artisans and vendors.

We will have a bake sale with both traditional goods and some more perverted options.

Have fun and help the BSPC raise money for the construction of another bathroom and a shower!