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At the BSPC, we choose educators who we see as leaders in the sex positive community at large to lead workshops in our community. These are people that we feel comfortable endorsing as examples of sex positivity in the varied context that the phrase implies. It is especially important that the leaders we choose to educate our community are not only aware of our policies concerning consent, negotiation, and the like, but that they have demonstrated a clear understanding of it in their play. This means that we look for people who are members in good standing in whatever community that they belong to, who are long established members, and who can provide references that we trust to vouch for them. For those educators who are not yet established, we do have a grass roots educator program to help new educators build to this status. If this program interests you, please send an inquiry to

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Please send a list of established classes and descriptions as well as a brief bio outlining your background and experience in the sex positive community to ATTN: Education Coordinator.

MS Word and/or PDF are the preferred medium for resumes and bios. If you are interested in having fliers designed for your event and have high resolution images (300dpi or higher) that you would like to include in those fliers for advertising purposes, please include those as well.

Once your application has been processed and your bio and workshop list have been received, the education coordinator will be in contact with you to work out additional details.