ALWAYS wonderful! Thank you so much for bringing this kind of community together.

The Impact party had a excellent atmosphere and the music was great. So many wonderful scene going on, I got dizzy trying to watch them all.

I am profoundly in love with the BSPC and the staff/volunteers who make it possible! You are all amazing and incredible and I adore you.

Attended the BSPC Impact party last night. My first event attended and had a good time. Thanks for hosting and I plan on coming to more in the future and getting to know people.

I went to the BSPC for the Valentines day party. It was my first visit and I have to say thank you to everyone who was so welcoming and friendly. I had a genuinely good time and I won a membership in a raffle drawing…yay. I recommend the BSPC wholeheartedly.

I started going to the BSPC in February. Went with a coworker who was already a member. I’ve kept coming to events just about every weekend. I really enjoy having somewhere i can totally be me and not have to worry about being judged. All the members and staff are very open and easy to talk to. I found the Littles, Beasts, Pets event to be most fun so far. Thank you for providing a safe place for me to express myself. Thank you four accepting me.

The best BSPC event I’ve attended, so far, was the “Cigars, Boots, and Chocolate” event. The theme, with its various protocol-friendly aspects, was right up my alley, the event preparations and the venue were just right, and most of all, the people were awesome: The people I’ve known as friends, of course, but also those I had just recently met and who performed so admirably in the service positions they had chosen for themselves! I’m so glad that the next one is already on the horizon!

Poly Discussion Group is one of my favorite events. My polycule and I look forward to each meeting and actually make a point to try to schedule that evening free. The last meeting I attended was particularly enjoyable – featuring a fantastic discussion topic and great dialogue between great people. I’ve found that each meeting I attend helps me look at my own issues/drama/mental feedback loops from a new perspective. Informative, warm and thought-provoking.

The Bellingham Sex Positive Center is a great place. I’ve found it to always be welcoming. It’s both laid back and an exciting place to be at the same time. The people I see and play with when I’m there are all great people and friendly. The play spaces are very nice, easy to manage and play at. They’re a good distance from each other so another scene elsewhere never intrudes on your scene. The music is consistently fantastic and the general atmosphere is great. I just can’t say enough good things about the BSPC and it’s people.

I have found a community full of good people with good hearts. I don’t have to be anyone else. I have found a place where I have met people who let me be completely who I am, more than I ever have been before. People who are open to the same things I am, beyond kink, to life, and connections. People who seem to like me for who I am. When I walk in that door, I don’t worry. I don’t feel self conscious. I don’t feel unsure. This is a pretty big thing for me, and not something I am used to. And it’s pretty amazing.